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community outreach-

volunteer your time & your hands!

If you wish to contribute back to society, Reiki is one of the best gifts any one of us can offer. Only your time and hands are needed. For Reiki practitioners of all levels and Shin's Reiki students, volunteering to offer Reiki regularly can also give you one of the most enriching experiences in your own healing journeys and personal growth. Below are some initiatives headed by some of Reiki Master peers; (the Public Reiki Clinic that Shin facilitates is currently paused as of 2022). At this moment, we are only supporting local communities and may extend to international communities in the possible future.

Please note that this is entirely voluntary. If you are interested, please drop Shin a message.

Go ahead, make a difference to your life, to others' lives, and to the world! <3

1. Red Cross Home for the Disabled

Organisation: Red Cross Home for the Disabled

Address: 8 Lengkok Bahru, #04-01 Family Link, Singapore 159052

When do we go down?: Once a week, every Wednesday

Time/duration: Morning/usually allocate about 2-3 hours

Reiki is offered to only a selected group of patients whom the home has identified to be relatively stable and whose families have agreed for us to offer Reiki to their loved ones warded. There is no discrimination and Reiki is given to both male and female patients. This initiative has been ongoing for some years and is headed by a fellow Reiki Master acquaintance, of which, a few have left and taken over during this period of volunteering.



2. Elderly & Palliative Care / 3. Children

This initiative has been paused at the moment as the respective institutions are not open to Reiki at the moment.


If you are keen to participate/lead/assist or most importantly, provide contacts to get some headway, please drop Shin an email under contact. Project headed by Reiki peers. (last updated in 2019)

3. Public Reiki Clinics

Offer a Reiki treatment in a professional setting with practitioners of varied backgrounds. This is a quarterly opportunity in a professional setting, happening on the second Sunday of the first month of every quarter.


To solely cover the rental of the healing space, a fee of S$20 from both practitioners and clients is contributed. Any excess funds collected from clients are re-distributed equally to the volunteering practitioners. For more details, please head over to the specific link 'Clinics'.

(Currently paused as of 2022 due to variables as a result of the pandemic - please stay tuned for updates on when it will resume)

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