The first and only professional Reiki clinic in Singapore for Reiki practitioners -

This is a wonderful opportunity and platform to give Reiki in a safe, professional and reliable setting with fellow practitioners of myriad backgrounds to gain experience and contribute back to the community! 

Many practitioners have shared with us so many reasons that they are not able to continuously and consistently practice on others - some include: family and friends not receptive or not staying with them, lack of situations to practice due to relatively stable lifestyle and environment. Of course, we can definitely extend our hands to others regardless of whether being compelled by situations or not! But this, among other factors, have propelled the setting of this platform up to reduce the number of worries practitioners and clients have in order to grow and heal. There is no better teacher than Experience alone and we all have to go out and offer our healing hands someday. :)


Launched in June 2019, the roots of this initiative draw from Shin's trainings and volunteering work in the States. This organised public Reiki clinic will provide a perfect and neutral platform for both practitioners and clients alike to become aware of and experience giving and receiving Reiki. This is a community initiative and is jointly organised and hosted with other anchor teachers of The 1 Space.

As this is a professional setting for the public to receive Reiki, many their first time, there will be basic standards to follow, so the clients may expect a treatment that is consistent across all beds no matter which practitioner they receive Reiki from. Clients are expected to provide a nominal fee in exchange for the Reiki treatment. However at this moment, there are no fees expected from practitioners who volunteer their hands and time with us and we welcome practitioners who attend our monthly Reiki circle happening on the first Saturdays and third Thursdays to join us! Practitioners from the Reiki Centre lineage and Raven Keyes Medical Reiki (RKMRI) are also warmly welcome to offer your healing hands! 


Reiki is a gentle, balancing spiritual healing practice offered through light touch to a fully clothed recipient.


  • You are required to have trained in at least Reiki 1/First Degree, preferably from the Usui lineage - all treatments delivered to clients are of contact Reiki. No symbols are allowed, for standardisation.

  • Should be you have trained in a different lineage of Reiki (e.g. Kundalini, Angelic etc.) and would like to join, please contact Shin to discuss.

**Please note that as practitioners, we do not diagnose - for licensed diagnoses, please direct clients to consult their medical doctor. All practitioners are encouraged to refrain from providing advice of any sort in the public clinic, unless in your private Reiki appointment/session with the client where the discretion is yours.


To participate, no fees are expected from you at this moment, only your sincerity, kindness and big love. :) Fees from clients will also be channeled to the maintenance of the professional space.


We run the public Reiki clinics on the morning of the last Saturday of first month of every Quarter

(Please note that the frequency of the clinic has been changed as of August 2019 from monthly to quarterly for a better focus and experience for both clients and practitioners)

Upcoming clinics:

26th October 2019

11th January 2020 (the clinic for the first quarter of 2020 has been pushed forward by 2 weeks due to the Chinese New Year celebrations)

25th April 2020

Practitioners Reporting Time: 820 AM

Clinic Start Time: 9-10 AM

Practitioners End Time: Earliest 10 AM, latest 1030 AM

A Reiki clinic session includes a briefing before and a short discussion with practitioners after the treatments.

All practitioners MUST arrive at least 40mins earlier (aka 820am) for set up and briefing on positions. We practice in pairs and every practitioner also receives a Reiki treatment. Do plan sufficient time in your schedule as you may expect to stay until 1030 AM for full session days.

You may like to visit the clients' page for information as well.


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