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private reiki sessions

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Note that all Reiki session bookings are strictly by appointment only.


Feeling stressed out from your life situations? Feeling uncomfortable and unwell but the doctor says you are perfectly fine? Not sure what to do about the less-than-ideal situations you are in and need some peace of mind? Or simply, feeling unhappy with your perfectly comfortable life?


These situations can have you feeling out of balance, manifesting in physical, mental or emotional aspects such as headaches and anger outbursts. A Reiki balancing session will kickstart your healing journey, promote wellness and encourage ease and peace into your life.

Specialised Activity

Let's face it, sports exhaustion or injuries can be really difficult to heal, even after ten long years. Old injuries that seemed to have recovered on the surface (with declaration from the doctor) but still occasionally gives you problems, new injuries that took you weeks and months to recover and impedes your athletic progress or simply, constant exhaustion from trainings that never seem to go away and you can't better your previous performance. Sounds familiar? 

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive complementary therapy using light touch of the hands which works with the athlete’s natural healing ability and compresses the healing curve, boosting the overall wellness of the body, recovery rate and restoring the balance of the natural energy, promoting better performance.


Reiki in medicine context is encouraged for individuals with special requests and accepted on a case-by-case basis. Situations range from current minor to chronic or major medical conditions that require inpatient care or regular outpatient care, including cancer or heart disease. 

Medical Reiki is an ongoing support initiative from Shin, that can range from weeks, months or years depending on the client's request and holistic condition. This also includes special arrangements for Reiki treatment pre, during and post-surgeries.

Babies & Kids

Reiki for babies and kids can be a very eye-opening experience as their sensitivities are higher than most adults. Plus, they can't seem to sit still! 

A Reiki session can be gifted to your child for the below purposes:

- improving their immune system

- bringing peace and improving their connection with the divine

- reduce pain and bringing ease to certain conditions

The list is not exhaustive.

Reiki sessions for kids tend to be slightly shorter in duration. For some kids, a distance Reiki session may be encouraged.

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