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reiki for teenagers/youths


Giving your teenagers the gift of Reiki is really a life-long gift of healing and self-responsibility and to them, a wonderful opportunity to discover their innate gifts of peace and potential. 

Reiki works on all levels as it boosts energy-balancing qualities. It is a health-promoting, non-invasive practice that eases discomfort and helps your teenager to function better and regain his/her balance. Reiki is Universal life force and energy of the highest vibrations. (For more information on What is Reiki, click here)

This workshop will help guide your child in learning a new tool and bringing home a (daily or regular) self-care practice that he/she can practise confidently and cleanly at home or anywhere and a tool to go back to whenever he/she face challenges in their schooling environment. Most children and youths tend to use Reiki to soothe themselves to relaxation, to sleep well and also when they injured themselves or have aches and pains.

Some commonly reported benefits of a regular self-Reiki practice from parents on their child:

- improved sleep quality

- calmer state of mind

- improved and clearer focus and attention in studies

- improved resilience in handling stress​​​ and increased relaxation

- stronger immune system

- faster rate of recovery after sports activities

- improved attitude towards Life

- more energetic! 

The 6-hour one-day workshop will have a balance of three aspects - theory, practicals & interactive play, and discussion. The traditional Usui method is taught, in its pure and simple way, which requires no belief, religious bias or any sort of spiritual background. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and explore this practice. Your child will be given four attunements after which, they have Reiki for life in their hands and are able to practise for life. :) Time will be given to allow each of the attunements time to settle in their system.

It is important that at least one parent or a close relative has Reiki as questions always come up along their journey and progress and at home. However for older and independent teens, they are considered adults and are free to sit in a Reiki First Degree adult class subsequently at a good discounted rate to delve deeper into the discussions and usages of Reiki or to refresh their understanding of Reiki after some years. Subsequently, they may proceed to the Reiki Second Degree class should they be interested. Monthly Reiki support gatherings are also held to provide support for practitioners' personal growth.


Basic, key and relevant Reiki techniques will be taught as children and teenagers are much more intuitive and we don’t expect them to carry out a regular or disciplined self-treatment. All workshops are customised to the student turnout.


The prerequisite is that the teenagers want it themselves, be it verbal or non-verbal, and that one of the parents/close relatives/caregivers already has Reiki so that there is home support available especially for younger teens below 14.

Reiki manual and other materials are provided. One parent (with Reiki) may sit in, only for younger children below 12 years old and/or if their child agrees to it, otherwise they may come back for lunch and after the workshop. This is to allow your child the free time to expand and tap into their innate potential without subconsciously holding back or possible fear of judgment by the adult or any other boundaries. 

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to Energy, Healing and Reiki

  • Interactive discussion on Usui Reiki history and background

  • 4 Reiki Initiations

  • General Balancing techniques for self-care

  • Reiki others, first-aid and scanning techniques

  • Giving others a Reiki treatment, intuitive healing

  • Giving animals, plants a Reiki treatment

  • Reiki for exams and sports

  • Intuitive Healing treatment

  • A potted Reiki-ed plant to bring home

Upcoming Workshop Schedule:

Class Fee: S$280

*Please note that all classes are encouraged to have a minimum of 2 pax. 

**Private classes may be requested, with a minimum of 2 pax.

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