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public reiki clinics:  reiki & self-care

The first professional Reiki clinic set up in Singapore for Reiki practitioners and the public - 

This is a wonderful opportunity to try Reiki in a safe, professional and reliable setting with practitioners of varied backgrounds at a minimal fee exchange and a perfect place for practitioners to gain experience and contribute back to the community! 

Launched in June 2019, the roots of this initiative draw from Shin's trainings and volunteering work in the States. This organised public Reiki clinic will provide a perfect and neutral platform for both practitioners and clients alike to become aware of and experience giving and receiving Reiki.


This is a community initiative and is jointly organised and hosted with all volunteering practitioners. The volunteering process has been refreshed as of Feb 2020 to provide for more open opportunities for all Reiki practitioners from any Usui Reiki lineage. Everyone, regardless of lineage or background, has an equal opportunity to volunteer to offer their healing hands and/or to receive Reiki.

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