reiki level 1  - beginners

What is Reiki?


Reiki is a health-promoting, non-invasive practice that eases discomfort and helps you to function better and regain your balance. Reiki is Universal life force and energy of the highest vibrations - the fundamental energy that creates and sustains the Universe. (More about what Reiki is, click here).


Many people are confused with the term Reiki, as the explanation and interpretation can vary among practitioners. We understand it from two perspectives here with Shin - Reiki as an energy and Reiki as a system. Reiki as an energy hails from deep ancient roots, but Reiki as a system is fairly modern, spanning about a 100 years of teachings in its lineage. You will learn and understand both Reiki as an energy and as a system in this workshop.

Who is this Workshop for?

This foundational workshop is perfect for anyone who wish to learn a self-care practice in an easy and practical way, increase their vitality, promote health, reduce stress and connect better with themselves. You do not need any specific background or beliefs, special 'skills' or knowledge to learn how to practise Reiki - there is no pre-requisite. 

Why Should I Learn Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual practice, and is one of the most practical ways of healing and so simple to use that it is perfect for anyone who is not familiar with any modalities of natural or traditional healing or has found little improvements to their overall state with conventional medicine. It can be a wonderful starting point to begin to understand other methods along your journey, whether you continue to use Reiki as your healing tool or not. Welcoming and embracing the practice of Reiki in your life is a wonderful step to bring balance back into your life, in all aspects. You will be able to heal yourself and also your loved ones after this workshop, which in itself is also a great healing experience and a wonderful way to take your health to the next level! 

What May I Expect in the Workshop?

While you are ensured that you will be taught and passed down the Reiki practice or Reiki healing system as a tradition, as originally taught in its purest form, the workshop is unique for its lively dose of holistic teachings from students' experiences, that they have inadvertently come across but never had any teacher explain the intricate relations between seemingly separate spiritual teachings. 

You can and will activate Reiki in your hands with attunements/initiations from Reiki Master teacher Shin and after the course, you will be able to practise for life. 

This 12-hour training workshop is very experiential with exercises, practice and sharing of techniques and ideas. The traditional Usui method is taught, in its pure and simple way, which requires no belief, religious bias or any sort of spiritual background. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and explore this practice for yourself.

During the class, we will explore what exactly is Reiki, how it heals disease and our internal systems. There will also be interactive sessions to practice giving Reiki treatments to get you comfortable with your newfound practice. You will also learn how to place your hands on different body positions smoothly for a client while taking care of your own body posture, which is of utmost importance and part of self-care. Key positions as passed down from medical Reiki practices will also be shared, as optional positions to add on.

Reiki 1 manual and materials are provided. The focus of the First Degree training is committed self-practice, which will bring balance to your life and support your development as a Reiki practitioner along your very own journey. You will be a certified Reiki First Degree practitioner upon graduation of the full 12 hours.

Brief Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to Healing and Systems

  • Usui Reiki history and background

  • 4 Reiki Initiations/Attunements

  • General Balancing techniques

  • Full body healing treatment

  • First-aid treatment

  • Giving others a Reiki treatment

  • Giving animals and plants a Reiki treatment

  • Intuitive Healing treatment

Upcoming Reiki 1 Workshop Schedule:

Class Fees: S$480

All R1 workshops are 12 hours in duration.

*Please note that all classes are encouraged but not compulsory to have a minimum of 2 pax, to support practical work. 

**Private or classes at customised timings can be requested and arranged according to my availability should I not be out of the country.

***ALL past students who have had attended Shin's Reiki 1 class may sit in to refresh their memory (for consideration if you have not practised for at least 1.5 years) at a sliding energy exchange of $30 to $50.

 OCT 2019

21st and 23rd, Monday and Wednesday, 9am - 4pm (over two full days, including lunch hour)

*Please note that this will be the LAST Reiki 1 workshop conducted for this year.

Venue: ​The 1 Space @ 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, ​#02-13A, Singapore 168976

 MAR 2020 (This is a Chinese class - Click for information)

14-15th, Saturday-Sunday, 12 - 6pm (no lunch/dinner hour included)

Venue: ​ReDefine Wellness @ 333B Beach Road, Level 3, Singapore 199563

 SEPT 2020

No classes scheduled for this quarter.

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