The first professional Reiki clinic in Singapore for Reiki practitioners -

This is a wonderful opportunity and platform to receive Reiki, in a safe, professional and reliable setting with trained practitioners of varied backgrounds! For first timers, this can be a perfect introduction to your experience with Reiki. Every one will receive a treatment while in a group setting.​ 

Launched in June 2019, the roots of this initiative draw from my trainings and volunteering work in the States. This organised public Reiki clinic will provide a perfect and neutral platform for both practitioners and clients alike to become aware of and experience giving and receiving Reiki. This is a community initiative and is jointly organised and hosted with all volunteering practitioners.

As this is a professional setting for you to receive Reiki, perhaps your first time, you will be expecting a treatment that is consistent across all beds no matter which practitioner you receive Reiki from. You may like to bring your whole family to experience it together! Each time slot can accommodate 4-8 people in the same hall over two timeslots, perfect for a family healing experience.

Please note that all practitioners are volunteers who offer their time, healing hands and service to you and the community and mutual respect for all parties is greatly appreciated.


Reiki is a gentle, balancing spiritual healing practice offered through light touch to a fully clothed recipient (click to read more about what Reiki is).


No requirements are needed, just your open heart to receive and experience. :) 

**Please note that practitioners do not and will not diagnose - for licensed diagnoses, please kindly consult your medical doctor. 


To solely cover the rental of the large healing hall, a nominal donation of S$20 from both practitioners (including myself) and clients is contributed. You are free to contribute more should you wish to - all excess donations collected from clients are re-distributed equally to all volunteering practitioners of that session. This is a wholly non-profit initiative.


We run the public Reiki clinics on the morning of the second Sunday of first month of every Quarter

Upcoming clinics:

25th April 2021 (Due to hall availability, the clinic is pushed back two Sundays for April)

11th July

10th October

*NOTE: In-person clinic is held in a large hall with mandatory social distancing. All practitioners and clients are required to wear a face mask.


940-10 AM (first session) - Please arrive ON TIME at 930 AM

1020-1045 AM (second session) - Please arrive ON TIME at 1010 AM

(Please arrive 10mins prior to your slot for a briefing. Slots are filled accordingly by time, and we will open the second session only after the first session is full. Please do not be late, or it will eat into your treatment session time and you will receive a shorter treatment, to be fair to the other clients who are punctual and to respect our practitioners' time. Each time slot is open to a maximum of 3 pax registrations due to COVID-19 distancing measures.)

A Reiki clinic session includes a brief orientation before and a short conversation with you with a volunteering Reiki practitioner after the treatment. Each treatment uses standard positioning where practitioners will practise in pairs and you will lie fully clothed on a Reiki treatment bed. Each session runs for 20mins per treatment per person, excluding pre and post-treatment conversations.

You may like to visit the practitioners' clinic page to understand more on who will be giving you a treatment and the integrity of the process.


Redefine Wellness:

333B Beach Road, Level 3, Singapore 199563

(Please note that venue has been changed as of Feb 2020)

Register and let me know via the button below so I may expect you! Your timeslot is filled accordingly and given - if you can only make it at a certain time, let me know and we can arrange with the practitioners. :) 


If you prefer a private Reiki healing session, please head over here!

To learn Reiki, click here.

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