reiki level 2 - advanced

Most people are perfectly comfortable with and First Degree practice be may all they need at the moment. However, if you would like to deepen your journey with Reiki and learn how to enhance the flow, this is the next level course for you. 

The Second Degree workshop enables you to

- enhance your hands-on Reiki practice,

- offer Reiki treatments to your loved ones who are physically out of reach (over distance),

- practise Reiki for alternative uses such as specific issues or challenges in your life (sending) and deepen your self-inquiry or contemplative practice. 



- Reiki Level 1/First Degree of the traditional Usui Reiki lineage, 

- A minimum two-month period of regular and consistent self-Reiki practice after the First Degree.

Reiki Second Degree or Level 2 is taken at least 2 months after the First Degree, which is an important opportunity to practice Reiki daily and ensure your vitality is high. Unlike the First Degree, the progressive workshops require the use of mental energy and as a result, can be draining for those who have not been practising daily.

Workshop Content

Many people are confused with the term Reiki, as the explanation and interpretation can vary among practitioners. We understand it from two perspectives here with Shin - Reiki as an energy and Reiki as a system. Reiki as an energy hails from deep ancient roots, but Reiki as a system is fairly modern, spanning about a 100 years of teachings in its lineage. You will learn more and understand more about the varied usages via the symbolic tools of both Reiki as an energy and as a system in this workshop. In Reiki Second Degree, you will be introduced and attuned to the symbols of Reiki.

While you are ensured that you will be taught and passed down the Reiki practice or Reiki healing system with the practitioners' symbols as a tradition, as originally taught in its purest form, the workshop is unique for its lively dose of holistic teachings from students' experiences, that they have inadvertently come across but never had any teacher explain the intricate relations between seemingly separate spiritual teachings. We learn how to work deeper with Reiki, the Universal life force and energy of the highest vibrations - the fundamental energy that creates and sustains the Universe.

During this workshop, you will receive another initiation and learn the usages of the different symbols including how to practice Reiki without touch or proximity to the receiver. Second degree training expands your hands-on practice, but does not replace it. Daily hands-on self-treatment continues to be your foundation practice even after learning Second degree; Second degree training gives you options to enhance/add to your daily hands-on practice as you may opt for to face varied challenges in life.


You will be introduced to three Reiki symbols. Writing, sending to labels and sending to groups will also be covered. 

  • The Empowerment symbol:  increases Reiki flow as though ‘funnelling’ it to maximise flow rate and power.  Also empowers other energy fields.

  • The Harmony symbol: commonly used for harmonising other energy fields and environments to increase harmony and balance eg. harmonising homes, other people, incidents, for improved vibrations.  The symbol is also used to enhance communication, intuition and self-inquiry.

  • The Sending symbol:  like an IDD number, this symbol allows Reiki to be sent to different energy fields whether they be other locations (both geographical or time), other incidents such as trauma, internal emotional blocks etc.  This is a very powerful source of personal growth as the practitioner can directly tune into the root of your issues and fix them on the casual plane.


There will be a quick refresher on different hand placements on the body and how to transit smoothly for a client while taking care of your own body posture, which is of utmost importance and part of self-care. Key positions as passed down from medical Reiki practices will also be shared, as optional positions to add on.

Reiki 2 manual and materials will be provided. There will be sufficient practice during the workshop to ensure you are familiar with your new tools and build up your confidence in using them. You will be a certified Reiki Second Degree practitioner upon graduation of the full 12 hours.

Upcoming Reiki 2 Workshop Schedule:

Class Fee: S$550

A nonrefundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your space; full payment of class fees is due on or before the day of class.

All R2 workshops are 12 hours in duration.

*Please note that all classes are encouraged but not compulsory to have a minimum of 2 pax, to support practical work. 

**Private or classes at customised timings can be requested and arranged according to my availability should I not be out of the country.

***ALL past students who have had attended Shin's Reiki 2 class may sit in to refresh their memory (for consideration if you have not practised for at least 1.5 years) at a sliding energy exchange of $40 to $60.

 July 2021 (Small Class, max. 2 students)

26th-28th, Monday-Wednesday, 9am-1pm 

Venue: Tiny Home @ 535 Jurong West St. 52