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Reiki Circle:

The circle of sharing & support


This Circle welcomes practitioners of all walks, connected by the strong threads of interest in self-healing, self-progress and self-empowerment.

This is an ongoing community-based gathering, where Reiki practitioners under the Usui/Takata/Hayashi lineage and/or from Raven Keyes Medical Reiki (RKMRI) New York may gather to share and discuss about Reiki. 

The vibes from a strong community adds to the experience of a Reiki share as we exchange short Reiki treatments and boosts.


This is a small and supportive community to share our practice, challenges and progress together. 

*Please note that as of Feb 2020, our circle will no longer be physical and will happen once every alternate month virtually. However, we will culminate with a Yuletide celebration at the healing space physically every December! 


This Circle welcomes people of all walks, connected by the strong threads of interest in self-healing, self-progress and self-empowerment.

This session is also great for those who have:
> not heard of Reiki but would like to learn how they can heal themselves and their loved ones,
> those who have read/heard of Reiki but have not explored in detail,
> those who would like to learn Reiki but not sure how, those who have questions about Reiki and considering to learn Reiki etc.

What You May Expect During the Session:
> introduce you to Reiki
> sharing of the benefits and what you can expect in an Usui Reiki (certification) workshop
> Clarify any questions you have, and gain a better understanding of this amazing healing therapy.
> A heart ‘attunement’ to have Reiki temporarily in your hands is also included where you will be able to experience the Reiki flow through your own hands with a short healing session with everyone!


Venue: VIRTUAL on Skype.

Days Happening:

Every First Saturdays of the month*

Time TBA

Upcoming 2020 Dates:

7th Mar

4th Apr

*Please note that practitioners from both the RKMRI New York and Reiki Centre lineage are welcome to attend the Saturday Circles. For practitioners from other lineages, you are welcome to attend as well - just drop Shin a note


No fees are required at the moment. Please email me at limshinreiki@gmail.com or visit The 1 Space website if you are keen to join.

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