homework for master practitioners

This is to be completed by Reiki Second Degree students prior to the Third Degree workshop.

Reiki Level 3 initiates you to the Master’s symbol of “Transformation” - it requires courage, fearlessness and readiness to take on the responsibility of initiating others and concurrently working on your own challenges and transformation (we call this inner work).  


To prepare for this workshop it is very important that your Reiki Second Degree techniques are honed and practiced in the run up to the workshop weekends.  The following homework are strongly advised and encouraged to be done before the workshop to signal your readiness for this level.  If you are not sure, working through the homework is a great way to decide if you are ready or not for this next phase.


  1. Practice the drawing in the air of the three Reiki Second Degree symbols and saying the name of each symbol as you draw it.  By the time you come to the workshop you must know them inside out and be able to draw them effortlessly. (Question to think about: How efficiently and accurately can you draw them during your normal state? Are you able to draw them as efficiently and accurately in urgent situations within seconds or when faced with 'fear'?)

  2. ​Start Group sending to several people at the same time (up to four) if you have not already done so.  This will enable you to deal with higher energies.​ (Question to think about: How do I feel when I am sending Reiki to a group VS to one person at a time? Feel your state during the send and after the send.) 

  3. Practice more healing for others, especially the one hour treatments so that you get used to practicing Reiki on others, and getting feedback.  Coming to the Reiki circle/support gathering and the Reiki Public Clinic are great ways to practise on others especially if you have a lack of varied bodies to practise on.

  4. ​You need to be sending to labels.  The minimum three sends you must have done is:
      - “To the perfect resolution of my relationship with my mother”
      - “To the perfect resolution of my relationship with my father”
      - “To the root cause of an addiction/fear/illness/trauma”


  5. Reflect on how you would introduce Reiki to others, especially as after the workshop you will be able to give Heart initiations. Start to research and be comfortable explaining Reiki to others. (Note: leave out the fear of judgment from others. Consider explaining Reiki to others in your personal way, from your personal experience.)

**.Subject to updates as Reiki master teacher Shin deems appropriate.

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